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Campaign Focus

Putting Working Families First

Give Students The Same Low Interest Rates

As Big Banks

Providing Opportunities

Our country has kept an innovative edge due to public education, including universal Pre-K and affordable higher education. At a time when our children working to education themselves, the prices are so high, it is becoming unobtainable for many. Technically, many of these students are at or below the poverty, with their parents paying the tab; and it is still very costly. We must invest in our future to keep our competitive edge. Giving students the same low interest rates is a good start to investing in our future.

Maternal Healthcare for African-American Women

Improving Quality of Life

Far too long female African Americans are more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than others. We need to better track this metric and add unconscious and explicit bias training to professionals caring for women of color.

Allowing Texas Government to Negotiate Better

Drug Prices

Taking care of our community

While block walking, Sarah DeMerchant heard many tales of our precious senior citizens heading both north and south of the border for medication. Many stated it is cheaper to fly or take a bus out of the country once per year to buy medication in bulk because even with the expense of the trip, it is cheaper than buying medication at home. This cannot stand. The State of Texas has multiple sources for most of our purchasing needs (software, hardware, equipment, etc.) We need to apply this same philosophy so medication is more affordable for our community. 


"Black and Latinos sentenced in State and  Federal courts face significantly greater odds of incarceration than similarly situated white offenders and receive longer sentences than their white male counterparts in some jurisdictions." Mental health plays a huge factor with more than 30% of jailed inmates being diagnosed with one or two serious mental illnesses. African-Americans probation is revoked more than any other group in Texas. Then SB4 is racial profiling of the Latino and Asian communities. 

Sarah believes jail is no place for mental health treatment. We as a society must invest to ensure our constituents receive proper diagnosis and treatment by trained professionals. Our jail system should be able to proactively identify those with mental health challenges and redirect them to receive proper care by mental health trained professionals and entities.  We must keep them out of the jail pipeline and get them the help needed to prevent locking them up as the answer. 

Next, we must end the disparities of Latinos and African Americans in the prison system. This has led to overcrowding and unjust treatment. Sarah will fight in Austin for us to invest more in prevention, rehabilitation and fairness in the judicial system. 

Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in the country and one of the most diverse in the world, no one should be at risk of being stopped and asked personal questions simply because they are a person of color. This is discrimination and does not belong in our society.






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